Pleasure in work and enterprise

For the past twelve years, we have been working for a growth strategy with the mission to have pleasure in work and enterprise. To achieve this, we have set the following goals:

1. The right balance between business and family
2. Sufficient income and space for social activities
3. Working towards a sustainable business with perspective
4. Making experience and knowledge about dairy farming available

Our business development has been characterized by scaling and automation. The result is a doubling of the company size in the last twelve years without increasing the number of employees.

Our company is located in Greenport Venlo. This region is the development of the horticultural areas California and Siberia, Venlo Trade Port and the Floriade 2012, also known as ‘Klavertje Vier’ (‘four-leaf clover’). They reduce the space for our company. However, we see plenty of opportunities as a dairy farm on the boundary of ‘life and living’ and ‘work’.

For the coming years, we focus on optimizing the dairy branch, on the expanding of our activities in the ‘Meadow Room’, the expanding of our educational activities in collaboration with third parties and the advancement of a sustainable business through further closing the circuit in our enterprise.