Inspirational meetings in the Meadow room

From our farmyard, you step into a remarkably beautiful room. This unique spot and the surroundings of the Meadow room take you out of your comfort zone and the hectic nature of everyday life for a while, and that has an inspirational effect! With your feet between the blades of grass and the fresh farm air, you'll feel your stress slip away!

We offer the business market a location that caters to various group sizes (5-50 people). We cater to meetings, customer events, breakfast sessions, workshops, coaching, brainstorming sessions, and team building,  which you can combine with cooking together or a guided tour of our farm if you wish, inspired by and among our cows.

Take a look at business meetings and impressive atmosphere.

The creation of the Meadow room

In the run-up to the Floriade exhibition, we got the idea to turn our old cow shed into a meeting room for groups. In September 2011, we began clearing the old shed.

The boxes and grilles were removed and the well was sealed off. We removed part of the ceiling, exposing the hay loft, which we were able to turn into a second room! 

One thing led to another and it became a major project. Many people close to us encouraged us to turn the shed into a serious location.

With a beautiful large window that overlooks our meadows, the Meadow room is now fully complete. The result is fantastic and we are proud of it!